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Delusions of Grandeur and Miscellaneous Prats and Moderation Martyrs and Outsiders and Permanently Bewildered31 Mar 2011 09:41 am

Have Your Say is changing. Again. And the natives are not happy. Change? What? I DON’T UNDERSTAND. I LIKE THINGS WHEN THEY STAY THE SAME.

They’re adding comment to the bottom of news stories. Whereas at one time you could go and read the news on the BBC website without having some foetid ballache forcing their rancid, shitty, poorly thought out opinion at you, now you won’t be able to escape depressing, awful bollocks because it’ll be right at the bottom of every depressing, awful news story. Just like the Guardian. And don’t we all just strive to have comments of Guardian quality on our news stories?

It’s just too much for some people, and the revolution has started. And what do you know, it turns out the revolution will not be televised. It’ll be taking place on the internet, where no-one can find it.

Sorry, but this will be my last post. I’m going to start my own ‘unmoderated’ forum if anyone’s interested under my other pseudonym Lewis Jones.
Gruffydd ap Llywelyn

I’m up for it! Let’s go! This place is just too quiet lately, anyway. Shit, all we’ve got left in the comments is some hardcore regular visitors discussing bollocks with agoraphobic racists. We need more action. Where do I sign up?

Where please? Can we all come?

That’s two! Remember, two’s company, three is the magic number…

What are the google keywords to find your blog?
I tried “lewis jones” “blog”, but irrelevant links showed up
Mustafa Yorumcu

Well, that’s three, but we’re shit at using the internet, or at least we’re shit at searching for what could be one of the most popular names in the English language, plus “blog”. I also tried using quotes around all my words, but for some reason a bunch of other people have the same pseudonym. More help!

Give me a chance to create the blog. And without too much advertising, join the two words together and add dot com LOL And yes, everyone can participate all I ask is that you mind your language :)
Gruffydd ap Llywelyn

You heard it here second, folks. No, Have Your Say is not the be-all and end-all of discussion on the internet. Apparently there’s other places you can go to air your racist, borderline insane, actually insane, phenomenally stupid and utterly depressing views. And everyone can join in. Lewisjones.comlol. It’s like Martin Luther King, only the dream is a reality.

To Alex Gubbay:

Your new ‘game plan’ appears to be all about you, the Editor, the BBC. It will be boring and predictable. Editor’s Pick – who cares???

HYS was interesting and more often than not entertaining, due to poster’s views. There was ‘some’ freedom there which made it so. I will miss these posters and hope to meet up with them again perhaps at Lewis Jones. Good luck to MORERAM and others.

You’re right. All we can do now is get over to Lewis Jones’ new ‘unmoderated’ discussion area, where the hot topic of the day is…

…the new BBC Have Your Say format.

Fuck it, wasted my time again. Sorry about that. Here’s some barking mad, borderline racist with a thinly-veiled conspiracy theory about the extinction of white British culture, followed by the tantalising possibility of a vaguely witty comment.

Lets face it BBC, you are really not interested in what people have to say, unless of course it agrees with yourselves. I subscribe to many national newspaper comment sections which are far less restricted then HYS, and at least allow people to have a view. I really do hate political correctness, and lets face it, the BBC is extremely politically correct. Being the voice of the political Liberal Left will always rule the BBC, and anyone who doesn’t agree with your views will always be excluded. It is a sad show of democracy when our national broadcasting company is so undemocratic, but unfortunately the state of our big brother society which tells all UK citizens what they should believe, how they should be anti-Christian, pro Europe, anti British culture because we MUST fit in with our immigrant population and not fly any British flags, must call Christmas, Winter Festival, must not use Christian prayer for anyone, I mean heaven help us all if we believe in God, we are considered freaks. I feel extremely sad that the BBC has become what they are today….slaves to the popular policially correct society, instead of actually having a mind of their own. Thankfully, there are still organisations out there, including many national newspapers, who still have some guts and stand up for the people

Yeah, thank God all you have to represent you is every single newspaper except the Guardian. Otherwise you might end up going crazy.

Moderation Martyrs and Permanently Bewildered and Retired Colonels and Self-appointed Sages06 Oct 2010 07:30 am

Women. They’re everywhere, and they have been for a very long time. Many English people are women. And a lot of them are even white. How much bile, then, could Have Your Say possibly dredge up on them?

God, what a naive question. I hate you.

Because, as we all know, there is a common thread of animosity that unites everyone misguided or ill enough to actually use – rather than laugh at or weep over – HYS, regardless of their own peculiarities. And the object of that single unifying hatred is anyone or anything which doesn’t share the subject’s own peculiarities. A virtual nation united in its divisions. It’s beautiful, really, when you think about it. Almost as beautiful as the little sick I just done on my keyboard while I was thinking about it. Almost, but not quite.

So this thread on women in politics is nothing less than a masterstroke. It truly has something to offer everyone. After all, any man can hate women, whatever his nationality, colour or creed. And for the ladies? Just pick one from the opposite end of the political spectrum and bathe in her blood.

No women Plumbers, mechanics, technicians, engineers. Where is the quota? Women don’t want to do these jobs or do they? How can women expect to lead with confidence when they are missing from a huge part of Industry
Adrian O sullivan Belgium

Big in student politics, eh? Got a bit of pull within the union, have you? Tireless activist, are we? Well, you’re not impressing Adrian. Your energy, ambition, revolutionary social policies and macroeconomic strategy won’t wash with him, not until you’ve fixed that boiler.

It depends on whether we want quality or quantity, and whether we are willing to accept a possibly larger percentage of delinquent children if mothers in general are too involved in social or political activities outside the home.

This is a classic response to the feminist threat: when a member of the weaker sex displays those first ominous signs of independent thought, simply appeal to the womb-brained bint’s irrepressible nature. But who’ll look after the children? Think of the little babies!

It’s a tactic with a proud tradition. It failed in 1918, it failed in 1970 and it’s failing now.

This will most likely get moderated and yet it should be considered because it is relevant.

Consider: Female President of the USA + THREAT + PMT = Armageddon
Peter Buck

In between albums, the esteemed REM guitarist is currently exploring a parallel career as Rory McGrath.

There are simply too few Women up to the job or are simply too Female biassed to be fair. Harriet Harman – the extremely anti – anything Male MP – is ONE case in point.

I challenge the Media to hold a Survey of the Political knowledge of any ordinary Woman living in any ordinary street and publish the Results.

The only acceptable exception was Margaret Thatcher – she worked for the whole Country – NOT just Women…

Tez. Blokey blokey diamond geezer Tez. What is he? Is he a confused egalitarian? Is he a razor-sharp social satirist with a finely-honed instinct for corrosive irony? Or is he simply a pigshit-thick Sun reader waddling down a provincial high street at 1am on a Sunday morning, chilli sauce down his top, pants round his ankles, pathetically tugging at his lager-shrivelled cock?

Women in power scare me. Have you ever asked a women in power something and it seems she says no just because she can? Also, i think that the public looks to men more for their leadership. When you think of some official, what comes to mind, a woman or a man?

Say what you like about Locke – and I have: I’ve been saying he’s an embarrassment to anyone who ever owned a penis; I’ve been saying those women would have likely cauterised themselves shut before ever acceding to his grubby requests; I’ve been saying he’s a weak, whining, slimy column of trembling flesh barely fit for doner meat – say whatever you like about him, but at least he’s honest.

Delusions of Grandeur and Moderation Martyrs and Werthers Original Imperialists02 Jul 2010 01:36 pm

Thanks to Dan for finding this ludicrous bow-tied nincompoop.

“We must continue to strengthen our military relationship …. For when the Stars and Stripes and the Union Jack fly side by side, we are greater than the sum of our parts. And together, we can forge a better, safer future.”
And George Washington is tossing and turning in his grave…
Ladies and gentlemen, the noises you hear are not the rumbling of your empty stomachs, its the noises from the grave of George Washinton who is tossing and turning after he heard the above quotes…of mixing stripes with the cross…And the sudden cold wind you have exppearnced just now is not due to the drastic change of weather, its created by the joint sighs of all those dead people who fought for their independence of their stars and stripes from the Cross of the empire,

Whew, thanks for putting my mind at rest. When I heard the rumbling and felt the cold wind, I thought Mothra was trying to hump the Angel of the North again.

The empire is firing the gun thats placed on the colony’s shoulder…And the colony just like many other ex-colonies is happy to obliged..Dead men dont laugh, they sigh….the gales of laughter you hear is actually the people who are standing on the graves of those sighing dead people, and lauging at them…(I didnt say this , Kipling said something like this, I dont remember where but I remember reading something like that, and since I was not paying attention as I was reading it, so I cannot quote him word by word….Calrification to the mods, just incase they do with me what obama did to mccrystal after the pathan within him woke up and he said those things)

After laughing at you lot for so long, I’m actually starting to worry about mods myself… awful lot of mopeds around these days. They remind me of this Constable painting:

Constable Painting

That might not be exactly right… don’t ask me to draw it exactly cos I was kicking the piss out of a heron while I was looking at it.

Moderation Martyrs and Outsiders and Unfocused Rage01 Apr 2010 09:46 am

Thanks to Jacob for finding the postings of this angry little stubcock in a thread where ThisIsBristol reported that scare scare hyperbole tearjerk tearjerk now wank yourself silly imagining how you’d vigilante his ass if only you weren’t a fat middle aged clunge.

This is an outrage. Every time I come on here to politely suggest that someone be hanged or stoned to death, my post gets removed.

This is political discrimination ngone wrong. Not happy.
Terry (& June), Falling off a sunbed

Au contraire, Terry. They remove your posts because when you talk politely about stonings and being tanned, they assume you’re a muslim favouring sharia law. Which I think you’ll find is political discrimination ngone exactly the way you want it to. Try being more self-absorbed, angry and patronising. That way they’ll know you’re really an ineffectual white middle class Travis Bickle wannabe.

Delusions of Grandeur and Moderation Martyrs and The Regular Twats15 Mar 2010 10:57 am

Thanks to Glenn. No, really, thanks to Glenn. This Have Your Say reform has hit us all hard here, and it’s good to be reminded of the power of change to generate pompous, wounded stupidity.

When the leader is in charge of ‘Have your Say’ and makes a total mess of ‘updating’ it so that it loses it’s point and it’s appeal – without consulting any of the contributors.

OK, so not the worst bullying I’ve ever suffered but my feelings are definitely hurt. No recommendations? How am I supposed to feel heard? Is anybody out there?

Chris Jones, Rickmansworth, United Kingdom

It’s always hard losing something you love. Chris Jones may have a little void in his heart where the ‘recommend’ button used to be, but it will heal with time. Until then, we’ll find him standing, dejected-looking, in the bread aisle at Sainsbury’s, poking wistfully at a pack of white English muffins.

Grief Athletes and Moderation Martyrs04 Feb 2010 11:27 am

Someone’s dead.


Dave Perry, Pembroke, where sanity rules in a world that is cross wired

You wouldn’t have heard of him anyway. But maybe if you’re lucky you’ll run into one of the moderators at a bus stop in Pembroke-where-sanity-rules-in-a-world-that-is-cross-wired and they’ll be able to explain it to you.

JD who?

Dick Barton, Somewhere on page 165 just after the debate’s closed. Marxist censorship from the BBC., United Kingdom

Here’s a tip: If your paranoid, whiny, self-obsessed signature is several times longer than anything you have to say, don’t expect the mods will rush to share your brilliantly insightful location with the world every time.

Delusions of Grandeur and Moderation Martyrs and Racists and Self-appointed Sages29 Dec 2009 02:06 pm

I found Davidethics, the most pompously petulant bumgrape I’ve seen for quite a while. David is quite sure that he is very, very clever.

First off, I’ve collected a few of his “moderation martyr” sign-offs. He not only believes that HYS is important enough that people are trying to censor it to stop the truth getting out but that he, in particular, is one of the brave voices of dissent that they are so desperate to silence. This kind of tinpot mentalism is the essence of all the good comments. Sure, there’s endless stupidity and racism on there, but it’s the ones that really believe HYS is important that make us giggle. This is just the tip of the iceberg:

And I wish I could speak my mind on HYS on this important matter. It is like the 1930s.
So go on. Reject this.

OK. Now reject this.

For goodness sake – you cannot reject this comment.

Dear moderators – ask your bosses if they will allow you to publish this note mentioning the dolphin cull: it is an envrionmental matter.

I guess this comment will not get past the moderators. But I don’t care

Are we allowed to criticise developers on HYS? Maybe just put this comment at the end of the moderation queue eh.

Moderators have no fear I make no comment on religion; your relativism is safe.

I expect David wrote to “Jim’ll Fix It” every fucking week and only a BBC/Soviet plot prevented him from getting to meet Sebastian Coe. And don’t get him started on the national fucking lottery. Stands to reason he should have won by now if it wasn’t rigged.

I came from a poor area but went to a grammar school where the teachers laughed at our working class accents. We were taught how Britain ruled the world and how the empire would last forever, that black children were piccanninies, and that we were heading for a new ice age. We were told that everything to do with America was common and brash, and that science was for boys and literature for girls. I truanted until I was old enough to be expelled. Took A levels part time, got a first and a Phd.

You’re probably beginning to get a sense of just how clever he is and I expect you are now keen to see this great public intellectual enter the theatre of HYS debate, illuminating truth and laying waste to myth. A bit like Gandalf at the battle of Helm’s Deep.

I disagree with capital punishment. But taking the cultural relativist position which is dominant in the UK – and here on HYS -the Chinese were absolutely right to execute him, for whatever reason and for whatever standard of proof is relative to their culture.
It is pointless for politicians and the media to complain. If multiculturalism is acceptable then anyone can do what they like -anywhere – with our citizens.
Meanwhile – some of us believe in universal values.But not on BBC forums.

Woah David, slow down fella! Multiculturalism? Cultural relativisim? Universal values? This is heady stuff. But you can’t just go chucking all that shit in and expect us all to understand. Perhaps you need to go back a few steps and explain? If we’re to reject this cultural relativism thingy and work towards a set of universal values, at last uniting the planet in justice and peace, how should we go about it?

As the war on terror is likely to continue for many years we should take a long term view. Look into the possible introduction of separate air transport for certain groups of people, as identified by their passports. To save naming any ethnic group let us, for example, have separate air transport for the people of Wonderland whose deity is the Wizard.. They could have wonderland pilots too, and have wonderland insurance rates.And the rest of us would not require such stringnent controls.

Gotcha. We need to ban Pakis.

Credulous Nincompoops and Moderation Martyrs and Racists05 Nov 2009 09:10 am

The beeb has rolled out its new Democracy Live service. Correctly realising that the problem with politics is there’s too much bullshit to listen to, it lets you search inside videos for things that were said in parliament. It’s brilliant, both technically and because never again will politicians be able to whinge that no-one listens to what gets said in the House. So wouldn’t it be ironic if someone completely ignored the topic of the post to whinge about how no-one ever listens to him?

I would like to know why moderators at the BBC often reject my comments, even though there is nothing Racial, sexual or otherwise offensive, save that that some left wing moderator doesnt like what I am saying.

So here goes. Why is it no-one will talk about unchecked immigration or the chance of the people of this country being given a vote to leave the EU, as we were decietfully lied to by both labour and Conservatives back in the 70′s.? "Oh, its just a trade thing!". Yeah, ok, look where it has got us now.

£15Bn a year worse off, not inc oncosts to business's, and meddlesome Eurocrats. Now they are wanting a president. Euro-realists predicted this over 10 years ago and no-one listened. Are they listening now?

Yes, why will no-one talk about these things? Why isn’t there a huge festering dunny full of comments about this, complete with an ecosystem of great big arses delivering shit, flies buzzing around surveying the shit and dung beetles proud of all the shit they’ve rolled up and sat on? Why, if Emzdad ever found such a place he’d find it so exciting he’d probably do a little poo.

Also I’m putting him in the Racists category because anyone who has to insist their comments aren’t racist probably definitely is.

Delusions of Grandeur and Moderation Martyrs07 Jul 2009 03:37 pm

Thanks to Colin. John from Bristol was the first man to pioneer the 3G phone, the first customer to review one, the first person to get a ten-letter word on Countdown and, most of all, first to comment on shill reviews. Shill reviews, apparently, are when a company or organisation deliberately skews online reviews or rating systems in favour of its own ideas or products. I can’t for the life of me understand why that might interest HYSers.

I glimpsed first-hand what a bad review might do when I was one of the first to buy a 3G phone, a few years ago. Very disappointed with it, I wrote an honest review on a website and a week later saw that 2000 people had viewed it. Assuming a large portion of those would-be customers would not have bought that phone afterward, I estimate that one review carried a potential loss of revenue upward of £180,000 – from one disgruntled customer. Power to the people!
John, Bristol

I am posting from the top-secret underground hideout I share with Salman Rushdie and the Scarlet Pimpernel, as John from Bristol is forever googling himself and I could have made a very powerful enemy.

I looked a bit further down and found this:

What this article doesn’t mention is the editorial process of moderated reviews and comments and how the bias of an organisation can be pushed through the selection of favourable comments. When comments are pre-moderated how are users to be sure of the unbiasedness of the site’s editors?

The_Reveller, London

I’m not sure what you’re saying The_Reveller. Is it something to do with Muslims?

Moderation Martyrs and Outsiders29 Apr 2009 09:04 am

Nick Griffin: Idiot, racist, hypocrite, idiot, Holocaust denier, drama queen, idiot. Can anyone beat that for stupidity?

How come the PC brigade keep getting away with calling Nick Griffin an idiot. Can you imagine what would happen if we dared call them idiots here, yep it wouldn’t get published
John, Salford

Best not bother then. Typical PC Mail.

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