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Permanently Bewildered and Plain Weird and Racists and Self-appointed Sages and Shit Sherlocks09 Aug 2010 10:00 am

I’d like to thank Tim for sending us this. On the face of things, it’s all about Aborginal kids starving to death in rural Australia. But in reality, it’s all about Collin Brown. And may I say – wow. I mean, wow.

It’s almost admirable how racist Collin has managed to become. Here’s a man approaching critical mass – in the Large Hadron Collider of race relations, Collin is one man who’s been bombarded with too many Muslons, and at some point probably copped an Africon to the temple. When I read his anal dribble, I feel like I’m watching White Beauty escape majestically across the fields, shouting racial epithets and “It’s science! It’s for their own good!” as he goes. And then, just as I’m about to put the cunt out of my misery, I feel Nelson’s hand on my arm…

“No, Dizzy. Let this one go.”

I derive no satisfaction in pointing out using empirically derived data that proves beyond doubt, that Sub Saharan Africans (black people) have a very low IQs compared to many. But being aware of this data, accepting this data as factual, is at least a starting point to properly helping Africans. If we continue to pretend that we are all equally smart, Africans will not receive the help they truly need.

If my forthrightness makes me a race-hating-bigot in the eyes of liberals, so bit it – it is a price I’m willing to pay, to make a real change.
Collin Brown

Oh. I see. Yeah, very, er, ‘forthright’. I could see how people could easily confuse that with racism, but on closer inspection, it’s not racist – Collin doesn’t hate Africans. He just pities them with science and shit. After reading Collin’s posts, I’m starting to see the benefits of keeping them doing manual labour and breeding them. If only someone had thought of this a few hundred years ago. They could have built a country.

Collin doesn’t feel good about this absolutely true and empirically derived situation – on the contrary, the burden of this knowledge weighs heavily on his shoulders. The way he bears this cross is practically heroic. Clearly, this man is a fucking saint. Benevolent pity is the only realistic way forward. Feeling sorry for the poor bastards who had the misfortune to be born closer to animals than to God’s glorious shade of pristine-white-or-maybe-slightly-pink-depending-on-the-season is a much better approach than anything we’ve tried so far. Most importantly, it’s not hatred. No – that would be racist! After all, you don’t hate horses for being horses, do you? That’d be silly! Also, horsist.

Being born in a stable, doesn’t make one a horse.

British Muslims, – can there really be, such a thing? Maybe in a civic sense – but a Muslim is a Muslim and no amount of political correctness will change their DNA into British DNA.

If 10’000 Muslims moved into a corner of a British city they, (as a policy among Muslims) will only spend their money within their community – a system known as (Black Money) They will shop at major supermarkets but they wont spend money with British tradesmen and small retailers.

As a result, long-established British business dry-up owing to a severe drop-off in trade which of course leads to: job losses.

Jewish people? Hmm, OK. You did ask, so here goes.

Atheistic Jews (non-religious-Jews), lack many Semitic features that characterise a Jewish person. Semitic Jews are not the Jews, that people constantly criticise. Atheistic ‘Jews’ – such as Peter Mandelson, look ordinary – void of a Semitic (orthodox, Palestinian-look). It is these (select) ‘Jews’, who insist on countries having anti-Semitic laws (not to protect Semite Jews, but to stem criticism of their business practices from coming under scrutiny). Atheistic ‘Jews’ claim to be a people – not a race – a statement which in part, is true. However, this claim does not hold up because Atheistic (internationalist, high-flying ‘Jews’, are essentially European ‘Jews’ -(Bolsheviks) – the architects of communism – void of many Semitic features.

Atheistic ‘Jews’, (in the strictest sense), are not really Jews at all. A portion of them make up part of the international elite who influence and control politicians around the world. The ‘Jews’ who do this, are universally disliked not for what they are, but for what they do.

Orthodox Jews – on the other hand – Semites are a peace-loving race who believe in keeping themselves to themselves. Off course there are many, Semitic descendants in this world with Jewish names, who have no aspirations to impoverish the lives of ordinary people for self-gain.
Collin Brown

Oh, man. I don’t mind telling you that after reading all those facts, I have a tingly feeling going on in the crotch area. It’s brilliant – the scent of a rose that blooms once every thousand years. You just don’t get this quality of racism nowadays. The study of the Jew! British DNA! That kind of stuff extends my phenotype, if you know what I mean. I start picturing beautiful, pristine white British DNA being attacked by some kind of multicultural radiation. Koranium or Judaenium or something. And the only thing that stops it is a suit lined with… oh, I don’t know, Griffonium? Yeah, Griffonium.

But if you thought Collin was just about disjointed race-based thinking, then you thought wrong. He’s also all about the curse of Gay. And again, Collin doesn’t resort to base emotions like hatred – the recourse of liberals and Marxists everywhere. No, he uses reason, and his objections are not raised to stop you from having equality – heaven forbid – but to save you from a major social faux pas…

For heterosexual married-couples departing a hotel after a 7-day stay, it is quite common for either party to announce one, of the two, exit phrases:

(1). My husband and I, would like to checkout – please.
(2). My wife and I would like to checkout – please.

How, I ask, will same-sex ‘married’ couples phrase their exit announcements, not to mention introductions. Imagine, (as a newly ‘married’ SSC) attending a cocktail party (for business reasons) as a man having to introduce everyone to your new husband – or for that matter, as a female, having to introduce everyone to your new wife?

Is this really, what same-sex couples want? As a SSMC, will both of you – (emotionally-speaking), be able to live up to your new-found status or, will you revert to ‘reticent-mode’ when straight-couples look upon you in a somewhat quizzical fashion?
Collin Brown

You didn’t think about that, did you, you selfish fuckers. In your drive for ‘equality’, you forgot that you could, on occasion, confuse people at business-related cocktail parties. Just imagine the look on your line manager’s face when you introduce your same-sex husband as your husband over a plate of cheeses on sticks. Can you picture the look of searing pain across his face as he tries to work it out? Well, then. Lesson learned. Now we can save him all the pain of reconciling that in his poor, overheated brain. Did I mention that in this fantasy your line manager is black? He’s black.

Enjoy Collin Brown to the fullest. He’s a dying breed – after all, the nearest he gets to reproducing is the crusty sock he keeps under his pillow next to the well-thumbed copy of Mein Kampf.

Miscellaneous Prats and Outsiders and Racists and Shit Sherlocks05 Aug 2010 10:10 am

HomoSafari. It’s like dipping your face into a bucket full of shit and razor blades marinated in lemon juice.

There is nothing racist or fascist about:

1) wanting to maintain one’s cultural heritage
2) opposing the undemocratic and expansionist New European Empire
4) opposing immigration scams
3) wanting an ecologically sustainable level of population

Your ‘lefty’ insults are pathetic.

I’d just like to add:

9) something something indigenous white working class
d) wankburger
Я) islamofascism

So that’s the immigrants and the socialists told good and proper, then. Good job. Who else would you like to blame?

This is what misandric feminist bigots have wanted all along, to destroy the male role in society and the fraudulent ‘liberal’ media have colluded with them.

I am glad that I am the ‘wrong’ side of 40 and old enough to remember when men were not subject to institutionalised so-called ‘positive’ discrimination.

Yeah. The good old days. When men were men and when you were still a massive gobshite.

Funny. I read HomoSafari‘s impression of Britain’s cultural heritage – the one where everyone’s a vicious, misogynistic, selfish racist with views on homosexuality so offensive they get censored within two minutes of being aired – and I’m not exactly peeing my pants to want to save it. In fact, it has directly the opposite effect – it makes me want to stick needles sideways up me Jap’s so I’ll in no way be in danger of contributing to its continuation.

Oh, wait! He’s not done! Keep reading kids, because I’m sure this is going to be worthwhile.

Indeed and male graduates with good typing skills are more likely to be rejected. After I graduated in 1990, I took RSA classes, gaining the relevant qualifications in typewriting (on a proper typewriter – remember them?) and word processing, but I still found myself at the receiving end of anti-male discrimination when it came to seeking employment.

Alternatively, you could explore your massive personality defect as a cause. Remember, it’s not discrimination if you’re just some kind of cunt.

Delusions of Grandeur and Miscellaneous Prats and Self-appointed Sages and Shit Sherlocks26 Jul 2010 10:03 am

Tagnut of the day award on 22nd July went to gabriel100 for his standout performance on the Graun’s Ian Tomlinson article.

I’d like to count the ways gabriel100 makes everyone think he’s a bucket of mung, but it’s much easier to just post a couple of his comments and call him a twat.

Completely the correct decision.

It was wrong of the officer to push him, but really it was his lifestyle which caused his death, not a mere innocuous fall (which even a frail pensioner would have gotten up from).

Tomlison completely brought it upon himself. A group of stressed, frightened and pent-up Police Officers are trying to clear a street. Tomlinson is being needless awkward, taking baby steps, refusing to move along etc. Thus, someone lost his temper and gave him a little shove. Its all there in the video – no more to it than that.

I have zero respect for people who wrongly demonise the Police, and even less for those who like to act up to antagonise the Police, then wail like a pathetic child when they get what is coming to them.

So, the correct decision is not to prosecute and I am equally delighted for the officer as I was for Sgt Delroy Smellie, (another cop whom that digusting rabble of rioters that day had unfairly complained about – they didn’t like him hitting back after he was assaulted, it seems).

They had Tomlinson bang to rights, and no mistake. Not only was he on the chubby side and sold newspapers for a living – common sense tells you that’s a diet of Micro Chips and Fray Bentos – but he was walking away from the police, with his hands in his pockets! That’s antagonising behaviour if you ask me. What else do you call not running for your fucking life when you’ve got a bunch of titheads with the mist bearing down on you? Didn’t Tomlinson know that coppers and dogs work on fear? And Pedigree Chum?

gabriel100, though – this crusty thong string isn’t done. Clearly not satisfied with the general thrust of public opinion in the Guardian – that he’s a twat – he goes on to prove that not only is comment free, but it’s also really shit and depressing.

I notice that the posters who disagreed with my analysis above chose to abuse my character in response, rather than take issue with my version of events (simply a commentry of the Guardian’s own video).

I will take that as a grudging acceptance that I am right on the matter.

Some of the idiocy on this thread beggers belief. Some fool actually criticised the Police for being scared and excitable after a day of being pelted with missiles and chemicals by an army of aggressive scum, who were intent on violence from the word go.

Many other countries would have dealt with that riot by breaking out the tanks and machine guns, and yet the feeble minded contributors here bleat about kettling and a wee push in the back.

Imagine you went down the shops after work today, and someone was in your face, not allowing you to move freely, ignoring requests to let you past etc – what would you do? You might eventually lose your temper and give the person a shove. Its not right, but understandable. And all the more understandable after having fought a medieval type battle against the far left mob polluting the streets and causing violence that day,

The British Police are the best in the world. Go live in Burma or something, see how you like their Police – you would come crawling back singing the praises of our bobbies.

Yeah, if you hate the British police so much, why don’t you fuck off and live somewhere much worse – for example, somewhere where the police might clobber you from behind after they catch you walking down the street the wrong way? And then try living somewhere they lie about what happened until a hedge fund manager with a camera phone shows them up for the cunts they always have been. And then when you’re done living there, why don’t you try living somewhere it’s easier to get to the shops.

Honestly, we used to be a nation of shopkeepers. Now you can’t even get a packet of Rich Tea without being harrassed on the high street by a false analogy.

Wow, and just let me say that I’m glad I got through this without resorting to abusing gabriel100‘s character! It’d be a terrible world where I didn’t spend my time arguing the toss with a half-blind, sociopathic semen stain with the social awareness of a sackful of monkey abortions.

Permanently Bewildered and Plain Weird and Shit Sherlocks08 Jul 2010 10:20 am

Thanks to Rónán. On that Bloody Sunday report a while back. Ever think it’s crazy how judges/PC liberals decide on goodies and baddies based on who does good things and who does bad things, rather than who is a lion with a plucky sidekick and who has bumbling henchmen and a skull for a face? Well you’re not alone.

lochraven wrote:
Isn’t it funny how people’s sense of right and wrong changes with each circumstance, and who’s doing what to whom? I think this whole incident should be called a draw. No winners, and no losers. Stop looking for a villain, it’ll get you nowhere.

It’s funnier how people’s sense of flat-head and cross-head depends on what screw they’re screwing into what. Where’s the consistency, eh?

Curtain Twitchers and Permanently Bewildered and Self-appointed Sages and Shit Sherlocks01 Jul 2010 07:30 am

Hey, kids. Remember the 1980s revival a few years back? Well, here it is again, this time with added social realism. Just as George Osborne is getting ready to make 1.3 million people unemployed, the government is going to sew up disability benefits so tightly that only limbless, headless torsos and brains in jars will qualify. Honestly, it’s like punk only just happened!

But what do the spluttering breadheads at This Is Money think? Go on, guess.

Thanks to Ken.

Quite right too.
Recently I followed a couple of people after they had signed on for their job seekers dole and found that 5 of them were actually working,one guy as a betting shop manager only yards from the dole office he uses.Time to stop these spongers.
R Markson, Manchester

Ladies. Can you make out that figure over there, crouching in the bushes outside your house? That’s R Markson. But don’t worry! He’s only making sure you don’t commit any benefit fraud or anything. Just act like he’s not there. Don’t you normally do some stretches about this time?

The labour party paid out beefits willy nilly only to buy votes
Mike, Penzance

I remember when the Labour party came round offering me beefits concealed in a discreet brown envelope. But I was smart. I told them I couldn’t promise to vote for them, although I might after a little more persuasion. Well, they were dropping by twice a week after that, right up to polling day. Now I can’t move for fucking beefits. They’re making my life hell. Please help me.

It’s interesting that people say there aren’t enough jobs to go round, yet half a million Poles showed up here a couple of years back and found work immediately – for example working in the chicken factory in Llanelli, or picking cabbages in Essex. When I was chucked out of a high-paying job twenty-five years ago I spent 3 months driving trucks, stacking paint in warehouses, and shifting furniture for LESS than I would have got on the rock’n'roll (since I had a wife and two kids). At the end of that period I still couldn’t find a job so I started my own business, working out of the back bedroom.

That’s where the jobs come from, chaps. Once you go on benefits, you’ll never get off again – starter jobs always pay less.
Jim Blythe, Cardiff

Yeah, scumbags, that’s where the jobs come from – Jim’s back bedroom, where you’ll find a low-resolution video camera, three barrels of vegetable oil and a pile of beefits that goes all the way up to the ceiling. Apply in writing, with photo. No time wasters.

Is it me or have i started seeing things,since the chancellor anounced he is going to start cutting incapacity benefit, there has has been a sudden surge in wheelchairs and walking sticks? from people who look like they do not need them ?? two words spring to mind – CON ARTISTS..
Michael, lancs

Personally, Michael, I think you’re fucking cracked. But it would be a suspicious coincidence, wouldn’t it? The Treasury announces a crackdown on benefit fraud, so naturally a load of people go out and commit benefit fraud. It makes perfect sense when you don’t think about it.

yeah bring it on, but i don’t think it will happen, there isn’t any jobs anyway,unless we send all immigrant s home that wouldn’t b a bad thing,british jobs for english workers
N Thatcher, bath

Nargaret is going all-out imperialistic on us. British jobs for English workers. So fuck you, the Scottish! Get out, Welshers, this call centre is ours now! Nice restaurant you’ve got here, Irish. Be a terrible shame if it suddenly got taken over by the English. Whoops, butterfingers!

Don’t just cut benefits, reduce the number of benefits there are – housing benefit/local housing allowance should be combined with jobseekers allowance instead of administered separately. If people can’t be trusted to pay their rent themselves, that’s their problem.

Privatise Jobcentre Plus, and make its staff behave like recruitment consultants driven by targets – and scrap the useless Pathways to Work scheme – there is nothing that they can’t do that can’t be done by jobclubs.
Merge or shut down most universities (especially ex-polytechnics) and make companies take on apprentices. One family friend started work as an articled clerk and retired as a circuit judge – we need to return to that instead of lumbering people with student debts for useless degrees.
Jobseeker, South London

I can see what Jobseeker did here. Having demanded an unworkable oversimplification of our complex system of benefits, and called for Jobcentre staff to effectively retrain as recruitment consultants – because we need more of them in the world – Jobseeker (who I’m going to assume is a man because I’m a dreadful misandrist) read back his post and, being an utter fucking cockslap, thought to himself, “no, this is far too reasonable. What can I do to make myself seem even more insanely rightwing and stupid? Ah, I know: ‘shut down most universities.’ High five!”

Shit Sherlocks and The Regular Twats17 Jun 2010 09:18 am

The Reith Lectures – “What We’ll Never Know”.

Ever wondered what it’d be like if Nigel Tufnel ate Timothy Leary’s handbag and then gave a lecture on astronomy, the speed of light, information and A Very Big Number? Nor me, and yet here it is.

It is impossible for humans to know everything, we are restricted in our knowledge by time and distance.

There are infinate things that we know of but just cannot do/achieve/experience ourselves now or even by a million years into the future.

I have a little print out above my computer monitor which I scribbled a few years ago. It says-

Infinity of knowledge

Knowledge is so great that even if human knowledge was enough to fill the density of a billion worlds, it would still be significantly less than one trillionth of knowledge still to learn.

We have computers that can count numbers that most of us would just find impossible to even get a grasp of. We know of numbers that even if humans counted one by one for a trillion years it would still take a bigger/greater number of years than most people could understand.

Humans will never know so much because we are just so limited.

Most people do not know what number a “googol” is. Its a number with 1000 zeros, its impossible for a human to count up to it without the aid of technology, (the numbber 1 million just has 6 zeros in comparison). A number that is so astranomically bigger than a “googol” is a “googol plex”. A “googolplex” is so vast that we do not even know what it is so a googolplex plus one is an impossibility to know and is basically irrelevent.

To travel to outside our planetry neighbourhood would take much longer than the lifetime of one individual, hence even travelling for a million lifetimes we would not be able to reach that which we can see via telescopes etc. Which means that ALL the available knowledge of ALL that which is just in one direct linear line 1mm wide is beyond our capacity to have knowledge about, let alone 360 degrees around us.

In all things, if we were to measure our knowledge on a solar ruler in milimetres (one ruler is the distance between the sun and earth), the knowledge we have presently attained is MUCH MUCH less than 1 millionth of millimetre in comparison to knowledge that is waiting out there for humans to try and learn about.

I think the greatest knowledge we can have is that which we know about the wonderous events which led us to our existance and that knowledge which we are capable of using to maximise our continued existance for as long as humanly possible.

What a speech! Someone fetch this man some robes! From this day forth I shall gaze up into the cosmos with a renewed sense of wonder. Future generations of scientists will describe the day when, as young children, they ravenously devoured the words of MrWonderfulReality and first knew that they would dedicate their lives to studying… um.. massive great.. um.. stuff.. and .. well.. you know.. googolplonkers and numbers and sky-millimetres and.. like.. complicated, whirly, infinite shit.

Why are you still sat there reading this??? GO AND BUY A FUCKING TELESCOPE.

Permanently Bewildered and Shit Sherlocks15 Jun 2010 09:32 am

Apparently everyone at the world cup is blowing these plastic horns called vuvuzelas and they’re making everything sound like b-flat.

If it is a constant note then surely erecting a massive speaker broadcasting the same note in reversed amplitude will counteract it and make it virtually disappear. Same prinicipal as in cockpits and noise cancelling equipment. But then all it will take is the next generation of vuvuzela, a few hundred Hz off frequency for this expensive equipment to be rendered useless… even worse this will then be heard to make a loud noise of its own with nothing to cancel it out.
Mark Dowle, Abingdon, UK

It seems so obvious but, like so many apparently brilliant ideas, it turns out to cause more problems than it solves. The “Massive Amplitude-Reversed Drone Speaker” (MARDS) was actually built just after the war, by scientists who hoped it could cancel out the sound of fascism. These boffins tuned it to an annoying frequency, and then left it droning on and on about how brilliant it is. Sadly, after a terrible calibration error, MARDS thinks it invented television, teenagers, custard, “being over 30″, tennis, “being over 40″, the printing press, talking loudly, ignoring people, “being over 50″, “being over 60″, droning, and sesame seeds. We know it now as Janet Street-Porter and nobody can work out how to turn the fucking thing off.

Permanently Bewildered and Plain Weird and Shit Sherlocks14 Jun 2010 09:40 am

Thanks to Heidi and a few other peeps who squirted this one up my tube. Not sure what the subject was. Something along the lines of “The internet gives a fuck. Honest. Send advice please”.

the question should be save not spend.
I agree that the NHS should be “protected” I do not believe that government, or anybody should not allow the NHS to defend their place in the market place.
I have visited several hospitals all over, and I park myself in a strategic place for 5 minutes and write the activities going on around me. Excluding cleaning staff, in the best case 41 staff, Doctors, Nurses, Admin etc. walked past. Doing nothing but walking up and down corridors, the worst case there were 76 people of similar stature, just walking several with clip boards, doing absolutely nothing. The average of all the Hospitals together is 52.3 persons per 5 minute spell (any time but mainly daytime) that equates to 5020.8 people doing nothing in an 8 hour period. Forgive me if I seem a little too simplistic but even if you half the number 2510.4 is much to many. Take into consideration that “anything can be moved from one place to another as many times as you like and you will not add a penny value to it. surely the largest single saving can be made in hospital efficiency just pouring tax payers £ in will do nothing to improve the situation, in fact all it is paralleled to is government spending on Quangos.

The latest results (from people with white coats n everything) will only add to your concerns. Lord Professor Baron Robertstache Winistroni sat in a lift for an hour and concluded that doctors and nurses spend the entire day just going up and down… up and down… up and down. Seriously. As soon as one of the fuckers got out at the top, another one would get straight back in and go all the way down again! I mean. What the actual fuck are they playing at? Even more worryingly, a squad of crack boffins (from the Smethwick Rolfe Street branch of Greggs) spent all day sat in the bog and concluded that around 15% of NHS staff are doing a poo! And the other 85% are pissing like horses! I’m going to keep a close eye on my doctor next time I see him, that’s for sure. You can keep your poo-hands where I can see them, Mr Shitty.

Anyway. Thanks for your contribution to this very important science result. This is how progress is made. Sometimes, it takes a true visionary to ask questions so obvious that nobody else bothered. Questions like “What happens in corridors?” and “Has anybody on the bus seen my shoe?”.

Racists and Shit Sherlocks28 May 2010 09:30 am

Ever wondered if you’re a bastard? Ever wondered if, when you leave the room, people call you a twat behind your back?

Well, fate has now designed a simple test – the asylum seekers freezing to death in a truck test.

Remember, your responses will be weighted against those of normal, reasonable people with at least three picograms of compassion.

Should have requested asylum in France.
M x

Oooh. So close, but sorry, M x, you failed. I gave you bonus points for not actually saying it’s their own fault, but I’m afraid that you lost them all again because you’re shit.

So, the “migrants, thought to be Afghans” can speak ‘broken English’, competently use a mobile ‘phone and tell a heart-rending story about a child losing consciousness.

But, they don’t realise that a refrigerated truck gets cold. How strange.

No doubt “their lives will ALL be in danger” if deported. How unusual.
Bob Smyth

Damn right. In this massive, complicated web of deception they constructed in order to get into England and steal your wheelie-bin, they were smart enough to pull this ‘nearly freezing to death’ stunt in France where the funeral costs are actually 8% lower. They’re crafty little shits and no mistake.

They are not immigrants they are economical migrants and should be called such if they where true asylum seekers then by law they should have claimed asylum in the first county they came too.

But wait the Uk is no where near there, it must be for the benefits the sooner we crack down and stop benefits to foreigners the better.

Where is the nasty Tory party Labour keeps going on about, will some one not rid us of this culture of giving everything away to foreigners and treating English people like scum?
Top Cat

They certainly are economical migrants. You can’t get travel much cheaper than locking yourself in the back of a freezer truck, can you?

By the way, you all failed the test. Your punishment is to be locked in the back of a refrigerated lorry and driven to a country where you barely speak the language or understand the culture. England, for example.

Delusions of Grandeur and Grief Athletes and Shit Sherlocks25 May 2010 10:05 am

Thanks to Sophia for these (from the Daily Mail I think).

The last two major plane crashes (this one and Tripoli) have both involved early morning landings, and the Polish president was also killed in a morning (although not early) landing
Could there be a common denominator?
Maybe something the authorities should take a look at.

RIP to all that died.
- Graham, Torrevieja Spain, 22/5/2010 11:28

You probably all heard about that plane crash in India and, like me, your first instinct was to start investigating it immediately. You most likely left yourself a message stuck to the fridge saying “Remember to think very hard about what causes plane crashes“. You didn’t do anything about it though did you? No. But Graham did. He was all over that shit while you lazy fuckers were sat there in your knickers, eating crumpets and swigging champagne. Not only that, but he also found the time to send a brief message of support to the dead.

Kind of puts your efforts in perspective doesn’t it? Think on.

why are there so many plane crashes these days?
and i do hope they find survivors, its a shame to not see your loved ones again.
- jack, scotland, 22/5/2010 12:28

What do you mean “why”? Did you even read Graham’s report??? They’re caused by MORNINGS you prick.

You’re right though, it is a shame.

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